About Me

It is my genuine pleasure and honour to be able to help others in our community to regain or strengthen their control over any part of their life that they desire.
I bring to the hypnotic practice a significant amount of life experience, as well as a diverse academic and working background. I have a PhD in Biochemistry, have worked in the pharmaceutical / drug discovery and development industry for over 20 years, and have been a Human Resources Manager (as well as Lab and Operations Manager) for over 10 years, where I have gained significant counselling and life experience. Life's journey has presented me with many learning opportunities (both good and bad) and hypnotherapy so beautifully compliments and completes my skill set now to help others, and myself, be their best.
I am a Reiki Master, and am comfortable with the fact that I feel energy - including that of other people, and have learned the respectful and honourable practice of Reiki to help the universal healing energy to flow to those areas in the auric body of another person where it is required. I can do this in person and via distance.

I have significant experience in helping people with depression and anxiety, weight loss, stop smoking, insomnia and chronic pain, as well as experience in many other areas of hypnotherapy.

For me the most rewarding aspect of my work is seeing the wonderful positive changes people can make in their lives when they tap into their own abilities. Work with depression, anxiet and chronic pain is especially rewarding.

When it comes to Stop Smoking - 1:1 sessions are the most successful way to stop, with current success rates around the 90% mark. If you have previously tried group hypnosis to stop, if it was not successful, you can still benefit from 1:1 sessions. It may be the best $550 you will ever spend on your health.

Without a doubt - if you wish to be hypnotised, you can be. If you don't, you will not be! A hypnotherapist has no power over you to make you do or say things that you would not normally do or say. 

I am a very calm, friendly and helpful individual who will never try to pressure you into doing something you don't want to. My local reputation depends on your success. I have lived in the South Burnett for over 13 years now, and intent to grow very old in this beautiful region.

Life is amazing, and I am grateful for every day. 
Kind regards
John G.