Hypno Gastric Banding $990

Uses Mind-Body connection to convince the stomach that it has had a gastric band fitted. Procedure is ~80% successful – compared to less than 50% for real surgery, without any of the possible complications, and at a fraction of the cost! 
Addresses all aspects of lifestyle and self image, stress and self confidence as part of the counseling and hypnosis process. Uses simulated surgery to get stomach to feel as if it has been shrunk to the size of a golf ball. Ongoing progress monitoring ensures client reaches target weight and behavior.

First session – 1.5-2 hrs 
  • General counseling and client assessment
  • Analyze diet / eating habits and determine desired modified behaviors
  • Learn Self-hypnosis 
  • General suggestions surrounding healthy / improved lifestyle /prime for surgery

Off the shelf practice CD 
  • Practice self hypnosis at home ~25-30 mins using CD.

Second session – about 60 minutes (Longer IF trance achieved deep enough to do "Meet the Surgeon" - usually this does not happen until 3rd or 4th session)
  • Assess progress and depth of trance (note if trance depth is not sufficient, session 2 & 3 become session 3&4 or 4&5th and only practice and transformations are done in session 2)
  • Review desired behaviors
  • Deep trance
  • Meet gastric band surgeon and anesthetist
  • Specific transformations for improved self image and self worth
SIMULATED SURGERY Session  – 1.5hrs  (7am session treated like hospital visit)
  • Liquids only 24hrs before to empty gut for surgery
  • Nil by mouth 12 hours prior to surgery
  • Must be driven to and from hypnosis, no work that day
  • Deep trance
  • Surgery simulation
  • You will feel as if you have had general anesthetic afterwards!

Fourth session – 30-60mins (depends) 
  • Assess Hypno Gastric Band tightness
  • Adjust band if necessary
  • Address any other required behavior modifications

Included follow up sessions (3) -  ~45mins each – 2 x weekly / 1x fortnightly progress monitoring 
  • Assess progress 
  • Deep trance – continuing healthy living and improved self image suggestions.
Ongoing monitoring $50/session – MINIMUM once per month  until you have reached your desired weight and feel confident you will stay there. 
  • 30 - 45 min session – monitor progress and review, trance as needed.