REIKI - a deeply relaxing, respectful energy healing session. At my at-home studio I only offer 60 minute or longer sessions, including a chakra balance at the end.
Cost for your fist session is $60 (which will usually last about 90 minutes) and then its $60 per hour for follow up sessions. Depending on your needs and sensitivity the session is either hands-on or hands-off, working on different auric levels. Usually more than one Reiki session is required to effect the deepest levels of relaxation to allow your body mind spirit to naturally heal itself. 

Reiki Attunements: learn how to direct the universal energy flow, and become attuned. Usually I will teach groups of three or more. Enquire for when Level One ($200), Level Two ($250) and Masters ($500) courses are scheduled.

Level One (Maximum 6 Students)   

Level Two (Maximum 5 Students)

If you are interested in having me teach a Reiki workshop in your area, I require a minimum of four confirmed bookings and a venue. Travel charges may apply depending on where you are.

Stop Smoking and Weight Loss are the most sought after (see the relevant separate pages).

Personally, for me the most rewarding areas are in helping clients with anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain (see details further below).
I have also helped more than just a few clients to overcome different phobias, improve their sexual performance, let go of past trauma (including rape, death and bullying), stop teeth grinding, stop bedwetting and more...

Number of Sessions
Generally I see my clients for a minimum of three sessions. Depending on the changes you wish to make, it may take more than three sessions. 

Usually we will have a very good indication on whether the sessions are helping you by the third session. Please be prepared to invest in further sessions as needed, to ensure you are completely happy with the results. I will not lead you on just to take your money - if you are not responding, I will discuss this honestly with you, and may refer you to another specialist depending on the condition.

Medical Conditions - including Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain
It is important to note that I am NOT a medical practicioner. I do not prescribe medication, nor will I ever tell you to stop taking medication. If you have a medical condition you would like help with - for example if you wish to reduce and eventually eliminate use of anti-depressants - you MUST get a referral from your doctor, and I will then liaise with your doctor to ensure we monitor your progress and help you each step of the way.

Habitual sadness and fear
If you find yourself habitually sad or scared, and would like help with this condition, then I can help to teach you how to hypnotise yourself to be calm and relaxed. From this comes an inner strength and confidence that can then help you rapidly change how your mind works, and you can then rewire your brain to become habitually happy and confident, helping you let go of emotional attachments to the past that may be contributing to these states.
If you have trouble sleeping, then sleeping becomes a chore rather than a blessing. You forget how to sleep, how to trust your subconscious mind to wake you if there is an emergency, and so instead your conscious mind keeps you awake and alert, thinking about your stresses etc, and it goes on and on and on...
In order to help with this condition you learn how to hypnotise yourself to relax, to not worry about whether you will or won't fall asleep. You learn skills on how to store your stresses in your mind until the morning - after all, they are not going anywhere, and not sleeping at night won't help you in any way - in fact it makes your stresses worse - crabby and irritable unfocused and scattered makes you make even worse decisions adding to your stresses...
So you learn to relax, to let go of any past experiences and worries surrounding sleep, so that you learn to trust your subconscious again to let you sleep. And as you practice, you then remember... and your body remembers... how beneficial good sleep is. And you will need less and less help from other sources - reducing and ideally eliminating use of sleeping tablets or other natural sleeping aids.

Chronic Pain
Each chronic pain case is different and individual. As such, it is important to ensure that all relevant underlying medical conditions have been disclosed, and that we're not turning down pain signals to your brain from physical injury that needs to be dealt with first.
While there are many types of chronic pain (back pain, joint pain, head aches to name a few), if you have been using painkillers for a long time, then these may become ineffective. Often clients that see me see me as a last resort, as even morphine and patches have stopped working.
There is no 100% guarantee that it will work for you - and every person is different - some clients have total relief after one session, others have only felt significant improvement after 5-6 sessions. If you wish to work with me for chronic pain - please be prepared to stay with it until we find what is just right for you.
Key points for pain - other than headaches - the pain is in your body, yet you "feel" it in your brain. In trance you can distance your mind from your body, therefore reducing and eliminating the pain. Then we just have to train your subconscious mind to contine to reduce the signal from the body part to the brain.
The more we feel pain - the more our brain increases the signal, so with time you get better and better at feeling the same pain signal. As part of the process we get your subconscious to let go of all of the pain it remembers from the past, and all the anticipation of pain it thinks you will feel in the future.
It can be a slow process, however its very rewarding when you get there!

I will be asking you to practice what I teach you. I will give you a CD and reminder card to help you, it is then up to you to practice what I teach you. The more you do something, the better you get at it. The more you practice going into trance and thinking/feeling the things you are changing within yourself, the more you will make the desired changes.If you think/feel that listening to a 30 minute CD once a day for a couple weeks is too hard if you wish to let go of many years worth of anxiety or chronic pain - then I may not be able to help you.
A short 6 minute introduction to Reiki.
A short 7 minute introduction to Stop Smoking using Self Hypnosis