Stop Smoking
When it comes to Stop Smoking - One on One sessions are the most successful way to stop, with my current success rates above 90%. If you have previously tried group hypnosis to stop, if it was not successful, you can still benefit from 1:1 sessions. (And even some prior unsuccessful 1:1 clients that have come to me to try again are now happy "Fresh Air Breathers"). It may be the best $550 you will ever spend on your health.
As part of your three stop smoking sessions - I teach you how to hypnotise yourself. We focus your mind on allowing you to relax by breathing fresh air, rather than needing toxic expensive fumes to relax. For that is what you are addicted to - the relaxing break away from your stresses or routine while you smoke. You get a personalised CD to help you practice, and every time you have a craving you will practice - the more we do something, the better we get.
If after the practiced fresh air breathing relaxation you still want your cigarette, you're allowed to smoke (that way its not a do-or-die). 
About 50% of my clients stop smoking the day they walk into my office for the first session, the rest dramatically cut down and then stop at a pace that is right for them. We always focus on the happy and healthy calm and relaxed you of the future. That you can easily deal with any stresses in your life, and can relax by inhaling fresh air. 
Want to know more? Just ask me via phone, email or in person. I'm always happy to chat for 10 minutes so you can get an idea of whether you're comfortable with me as a hypnotherapist. (IF you don't trust your hypnotherapist, you won't go into trance, and then it won't work... so always better to be sure...).
A short 7 minute introduction to Stop Smoking using Self Hypnosis