Mrs B - Executive - Insomnia
John treated me for my insomnia, and I'm happy to say that for the last three months I have been able to fall asleep quickly and soundly without the help of any remedies or medications. 

I had been unable to fall asleep without the 'help' of sleeping tablets for more than 15 years - the thought of trying to fall asleep without any chemical assistance was quite stressful and making it even more difficult.  I had considered hypnosis before but was dubious about my ability to be hypnotised for the very reason that I couldn't fall asleep:  having a hyper-aware mind that was always busy questioning and doubting.

John made me feel very at ease, and his approach to hypnosis meant there was never any pressure to fall into a stereotype of being hypnotised.  As a result I was able to go off my medication even after the first session.  Practicing the exercises he set every night meant I was falling asleep naturally 20 minutes after switching off the light.  Now sleep comes quickly and easily, most nights it feels like it takes less than 5 minutes.

It has made a huge difference to me: my quality of sleep is much better and as a result my health and energy levels.  I happily recommend John, he is a sensitive and confident practitioner, and I felt completely safe in his care

Nicole - Sugar Addiction
I recently went to see John to help with my addiction to sugar. For years I was unable to stop this addiction and was desperate to get on top of it.
I had 3 sessions with John and it has changed my life. Not only did it help me be able to finally control the amount of sugar I was eating but has also altered other areas of my life. Since my sessions with John I’m much calmer, am able to better let go of anger and my self-confidence has increased dramatically. I’ve noticed a huge change in my ability to talk to people which is a huge help to me both professionally and personally. I’m achieving things I never would have thought possible prior to having hypnotherapy.
I’ve also noticed I have much more energy and don’t get as overwhelmed with things like I used to. 
I found John to be very welcoming, friendly and professional and would recommend him to anyone going to see him. Thank you John for everything you’ve done for me. 

Mr R - Anxiety
I have been suffering from debilitating daily anxiety attacks for over three years. I was at a complete loss with how to cope with life, struggling to face each day. 
My doctor referred me to John, and I am so pleased with the results. I now have skills I can use to control my fear, and simply knowing this has made me strong and confident again. I listen to my CD most days, and have not had an attack since the second time I saw John. I highly recommend him to anyone! 
Thank you!

Mrs H - Stop Smoking
I've stopped smoking! 
My family life was falling apart unexpectedly just as I started working with John, and I thought I'd never quit. He taught me how to handle my stresses and cravings, and after four weeks I had stopped in a gradual manner. The stresses are still there, I just don't let them get to me! 
Now I breath fresh healthy air instead of toxic smoke, and feel even more relaxed.
Thank you John!

Ms Sue - Needle Phobia and Surgery Preparation
Dear John
A brief note to thank you again for working with me during my ongoing medical treatment and in preparing for my recent major surgery.
Possibly the best demonstration of the difference hypnosis has made was the difficulty the staff at the hospital had accepting that I have a severe needle phobia with ongoing implications for my day to day treatments. 
I was also so positively surprised during my recent stay in hospital at how the benefits of hypnosis went so far beyond my initial expectations of helping me cope with regular injections.  It helped me in both preparing for and recovering from the surgery – particularly with my pain management.
I hope that we have the opportunity to continue to work together and I cannot recommend you highly enough as a hypnotist. 

Thank you again
Sue A.

Maria - Insomina, self confidence and Skype
I've noticed the most significant change in my sleep since I've been working with John. After my first session with John I noticed results almost right away. It was like all blockages that were preventing me from a full night's sleep diappeared, and now I don't stress about not getting enough sleep to live a normal life. After our first session face to face we have contined our sessions over Skype, which have been just as effective, as if we were in the same room. Over Skype, we've also been working on self confidence and other feelings of inadequacy that have built up in my lifetime, and although I'm no expert on hypnosis, I feel there are some things so stuck in your mind that only reaching into the subconscious can help flush them out. I've benefitted so much from John both during Hypnosis and just talking things through with him. It's been an amazing journey, something I never expected to try, but has been so beneficial to my life. What a special gift!