Weight Loss

I offer two different types of One on One Weight Loss using Hypnotherapy. 

1) Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - Healthy living and motivation - $400 for three sessions including a personalised CD, and then $80 per One on One session for the next 5 sessions, then down to $60 per session.

2) Hypno Gastric Banding - $990 + minimum $50/month post surgery follow ups till desired weight reached.
First 2-4 sessions as above to learn Self Hypnosis and acquire Deep Trance Skills, Then:
  • Meet your surgeon & anesthetist session 
  • Simulated Gastric Band surgery session (carried out at 7am & treated exactly like surgery)
  • Follow up Gastric Band adjustment sessions  - 2 weekly and 1 fortnightly follow up included, then $50 per session (minimum 1 per month) until desired weight has been reached.