Weight Loss

I offer two different types of Weight Loss using Hypnotherapy. 

1) Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - Healthy living and motivation 
2) Hypno Gastric Banding 
See Hypno Gastric Band tab for more info on Hypno Gastric Banding.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss – Min 3 sessions + CD ($400 for first three session sand then $80 per hour for next 5 sessions, then down to $60 per session). 
Shift focus away from losing weight, towards living healthy and looking after yourself. Use quality food to build a quality body and mind. Stop negative behavior and thought patterns. Increase self worth and self confidence. Value yourself. Reduce stress and find the right balance. 
First session – about 1.5 hours.
  • General counseling and client assessment
  • Analyze eating habits and determine desired modified behaviors
  • Learn Self-hypnosis 
  • General suggestions surrounding healthy / improved lifestyle
  • Off the shelf CD healthy living CD (practice at home before next session)

Second & third sessions – about 45-90 minutes (usually one and three weeks after 1st session)
  • Assess progress and depth of trance
  • Review desired behaviors
  • Deep trance
  • Tailored suggestions
  • Specific transformations for improved self image and self worth
Customized CD - available approx. 5 working days after second session
  • Practice self hypnosis at home ~20-25mins using CD